Umm.. Sorry, Do I know you ?
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Friday, July 25, 2008
drama practice

today stayed at school..for drama practice

the name is cool right? heeee

heyy guys 3/8 is coming soon.i'm looking forward for that day.

please support us kayy. =) & add oil to all the actor..


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Tuesday, July 22, 2008
bye my hair..

ahhhh! my hair was cut by the teacher who name THM.. tan hui ming..
i dono how to spell her name so whatever..
today early in the mornin the prefect checked my hairbut she didnt ask me to cut my hair.

BUT aft recess time.. when i was colouring the star..
she came my class & called my name & my fren's name
she wanna check our hair again. AGAIN!
so i decided to keep my hair cuz i knw she is damn strict.
i left the class and went the discipline room
when she checked my hair,she pulled out my hair lo! WTF..
then cut it.. argggg! my hair..... >.< GONE!
now my hair is DAMN short and gone. because of u! yea.i'm trying to insult u.
do u knw? ur face is so ahma and ur clothes are so lao yee..somemore ur hair.. is
u mk me cried. awwww.. hate you..i hate you seriously.
well..i better stop now cuz i'm really going INSANE soon.
waiting the time to pass.. waiting the date of graduation.. waiting the moment aft spm..
i'm waiting patiently.....i will..

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Saturday, July 19, 2008

hey guys..i just got home..
had a great fun..
went redbox wif milline & cenn..haa! AGAIN..
thenn talk in sega.. oops.. not talk is play! hahahaa! 3 of us jus lk SIAO LANG. xD
well..i'm lazy to blog so...
let the pictures tell everything. =D

she's acting cute! lol. & me too. =P


milline's so cute + funny.haha!

ME! 150 =P

cenn & me. she's so big.. blek

mou liu! =P

cacat face.i love this picture. *WAHAHA*


her ba bin.. haha!

secret recipe.


milline is behind of me

her pig face.

combination of black & white.


mam mam-ing

she's begging me. xP

ps: chiancen. you vy kiap..hahaha! =P

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Thursday, July 17, 2008

hello peoples
i'm back from gp.
today we shared many things in lenglui's car while waiting them.
all of us cannot stand for that girl anymore.. argg..
so the best way is ignore her.. let her do the stuff she wants
maybe crazy ppl has their own way to solve things. =]
thenn sasa. cy & i had our lunch in kim gary.we took sm pictures. xD
afterthat went redbox wif survivor's helper.
honestly,it was quite boring.hee cuz i just knw few of them. =.=
but they are vy frenly for sure la. except SOMEONE..
well..i just sing a few songs only....hehee. not enough lah. ='((
i still want go.*winks* waiting for the coming sat.
dono where to go. and wana go wif who.
i'm stil considering bout it.

sasa & i tk pictures in kim gary.

eveeve & sasa

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Monday, July 14, 2008
i'm the survivor

i'm the survivor!
i'm the survivor's helper..
las satur & sunday my friends & i join the function of (i'm the survivor)
whoah.. i was exhausted..oh god.. i woke up early in da morning.. =.=
the first day12/'s was quite fun.. hahaa! the leader is so ... funny..
he asked all of us introduce ourselves.. lol... so.. SWT =.=
As a survivor's helper..wm & i tried to help them.. xD
the contestant mus think mny ways to gt the next clue.. =)
the second day.. 13/7wm,i,sasa & cy went there early in the morning..
About 7o clock i think
oh god.. nothing to do at there..! and we cant go in to prepare our stuff
BECAUSE of the security guard and the head of hotlink =.=
so we decided to eat our breakfast near the qb mall.. =]
the station is jus outside the cyc.. so mny ppl passed by and looked at us..xia sui.
i felt so bad cuz i drew mny contestant's face wif lipstick.. xD
after that wm & i went sushi king and had our lunch. yummy..
we knw alot of new friends on that day.. heeeeeeeeee.
we played together and zat each other.. XD mou liu right..
many adjectives can describe saturday & sunday..
i was happy and glad to be survivor's helper though it was VERY exhausted..

well.. quite fun and happy spending time wif you all..and looking forward for other time kay.=]
too bad i unable to tk pic wif you all.. honestly.. it's a good experience & nice memories
anyway..nex time got any function mus ask me to join. =P

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Tuesday, July 8, 2008
i'm lost!

cenn... i know..
As for now..surely u
will never able to forget her.
n try to force urself to forget.
Forget, patiently, and slowly..
Most important.. li
sten to what your family or friends’s advice
Please do not be stubborn.. =]

And do not think so much.

I always trit u as my true friend kay. oops..not jus only me..
& them..Don cry anymore lah! So ugly u knw. =P
Friends and family a
re always being there for you kay.. always!
Keep this in mind.
U mus learn to become stronger.. and me
those memories will teach both of us to bcome st
& I promise myself not to think so much..
ahhh!!! Stupid me..
I really need to g
o through this but memories of past killing me every seconds.shit.
Am I a stupid righ
t? Yes I know.. >.< I need someone who really care bout me.
i unable to control my feeling though i have set my mind not to think about it. awwwwww...

damn hate myself

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Sunday, July 6, 2008
tampui's birthday

ytd went chungling KPA 9th anniversary.
i was so nervous..cuz my friend and i need to perform lah.
but luckily the performance was singing not fashion show. LOL
we had only 1day to practice da song. awwwww... stupid.
hope you all wont dislike my voice lah. =(
somemore i saw....
well.. past time d.. i knw i forgt about it =)
before i went the concert.. i had my dinner
cuz i very very hungry d..
we shout ym's name when her dance performance.hahaa!
ym.see! we always support you. hahaha!

we helped shanhui to celebrate her birthday.

oops.. i've forgotten she had changed her name to tam pui! LOL
i gave her a kiss. i'm wondering is it ur first kiss?? haha!
i've made this promise.

so i've to make it
happy birthday to tampui.
tampui= shanhui. me.yeemin & chingying love you 4ever. heeee :)

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