Umm.. Sorry, Do I know you ?
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Monday, March 30, 2009
i hate rushing.

finally i have handed in the form to tarc!
wow..u knw why i said finally? As tomorrow is the last day!
aww..Everything is so rush.
i hate rushing! i dont like this feeling.
aft handed in the form, minyen and i headed to gurney and watched race to witch moutain at 5.05 pm..
rush again.. =.=
but it was amazing and awesome..=D
then,we wont miss the best opportunity to snap alots of pictures. heehee..

sizen! the C girl.. cute and crazy. hah!she's working..


photos in my phone.
her friends said i'm her sister.hi my elder sis.hah
do we look alike?heeeheee.*

♥evelyn and minyen♥

she's deleting her pictures..stupid face and serious face. double S? hahh*

photos in myen's phone.

our date..

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Saturday, March 28, 2009
earth hour

Rainy day.. i always love rainy days..hehe..
but the lightning scared me. aww...too bad :(
the weather makes me feel so good.woooahh...

heyy!remember turn off ur lights from 8.30til9.3o.
yesh!stop global warming.

Lets save our planet.
the earth needs saving and we have to do it.
If millions of people switch off their lights for just one hour, just think of how much energy is being saved,right?
So, you MUST support this meaningful♥ event.

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Thursday, March 26, 2009
Say bye to my job

i am going to quit my job.
the teachers decided to help me do a farewell.touch right?heeehee*
they cant bear to let me go.& hope i can continue doing this job.
i would work if i could. :)but i've to prepare for my studies d.
Surely,everybody will miss me very much.*thick skin*i knw i knw.. ! :P
i will miss the children too. and i will visit you all once i've free i need money!!! ahhh! any way to earn more money??tell me.. xD

Recently,i watched a tvb drama name..学警狙击
& i love the song..手掌印-江若琳 错爱also not bad too
she's so cute and pretty..i mean now.. hah!
dont care bout the before.. heee..
as you knw..Past tense!!..
and i'm using the product..neutrogena

her blog


perfect match

p.s : siewhui..finally i UPDATE d..hahh!!

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Thursday, March 12, 2009

Today is 12th of march.
The important day which for the candidates of spm 2008.
I'm so nervous!!i'm scared of facing the truth..ohno =X

i'm asking myself on the quiet..
*how many A's are you aiming?*
*Are you get ready?*
my answer is NO!!!...
when i reached there,i kept asking my friends's results..
but i havent tk my results yet as i dare not to take my results.
at las,yvonne willing to help me see the results first.
she told me‘heyy good worr' it means not bad la.
i jus gt 6A..
5A1 and 1A2..
i can't expect my account gt A1..hahaa! somemore grade1 UNEXPECTED!
but my science! awww...i'm so disappointed..b3 only..
wt.. study hard for what??
well i'm not that greedy..
i can accept this results. *winks*
BUT if can..i hope i can gt more A la.straightA! =P

*tell me ur results! dont forgt to share wif me !!*

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Friday, March 6, 2009

hello :D
its been a long time since i last update.
dont worry yea,i'm stil alive.heeeheeee
everybody enjoyed themselves on their working.
busying wif their studies.
jus me, i'm free everyday.
everything seems pointless.sigh..

As you know,the weather has been very hot.
i cant stand anymore of my hair..arggh but i'm hoping my hair can grow long quickly
Furthermore,i've always wanted to straighten my hair..
but, my hair is not long enough.
*screaming like hell* LOL
hey evelyn yeoh,what do you want?? HEEHEEHEEE..
I'm going it? yes i am.hah*

enough of crapping.=P

hey friends,spm result is coming soon!oh god..
12th march is the date for spm.good luck to all of you.

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