Umm.. Sorry, Do I know you ?
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Wednesday, June 16, 2010
my wednesday

nowadays quite busy with assignments, and many things to be done.


i love wednesday because my class until 12 only! weeeeee
i called it as movie day.

#went out with Pikying,Minyen,Qian and guan chuan.#

salmon sushi ~~!!


four of us.

Later on, ice cream time!
it costs me rm10.
so expensive..i rather used the money on eating haagen dazs :S
self service

Taa daa!

dear minyen

with dear pikying

and my new friend, pretty qian.

took a picture before they go back. =]

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Tuesday, June 15, 2010
hunmei and long bang

today is a good day to remember.
spent a day with my BFF and long bang
went out with wendy and chyijiun in the afternoon.

we love singing and shopping. :D do you?

1. Redbox time ~!

dinner time~!
it's like finally i could eat the ramen ! sampat me.
tomyam one.

my dear is always the geng one.she could finish all! a big claps for her~


wendy's one.(the noob one):P

both of these are so nice! strongly recommended


shopping time~!
three of us hv bought a top and skirt from kitschen :)

LAst but not least, Happy birthday to my dear siewhui(the lao 2 in long bang)
may all ur dreams come true. :)
sorry yea cuz i couldn't join the steamboat with u all. =]
well, it's been a long time i didn't see you all.
seriously, miss u guys so much.
had a great time with them though it was just a few hours.
looking forward to the next outing alright?

my loves one
happy birthday siew hui
long bang rocks~~!!

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Saturday, June 12, 2010
family day

i love shopping, just love it.without any reason.
Every girls like shopping. u too right?
so,i need to work hard to get more stuffs i want.
gambatteh kudasai.

went out with my mom and sisters.
oh oh.we're satisfied with our shopping.
i've bought a new shirt and skirt. :D
nothing much.just a short post.

had our lunch at station one cafe.
new in queensbay. thats why need to try.

we ordered 4set of this! haha!

the pizza not really nice. Hmmm.

stay tune for the next update. La-La!

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Thursday, June 10, 2010
a day with besties

sorry readers.i often want to update my blog..BUT..lazy
i've been so lazy to blog recently

my life is still pretty much the same.

# spent my day with my besties #
did some shopping for awhile after lunch. :)
i love shopping though i always complaint i'm officially broke ady. lol

some Pictures

after that,eenee,kc and fs joined us for movie.

letters to juliet?
a stupid movie
bored out of my mind indeed.
i dropped into sleep..
it was the second time.
perhaps i was exhausted as i woke up 7smtg early in the morning. :)
so i just watched the ending.the ending is sweet and good. :D

At minyen's house
eeNee ! it's just like finally she tk a pic with me. xD

later then,we went to psc to play badminton.
OH-Oh i always love to play badminton.
lets go again,alright?teehee*

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Monday, June 7, 2010
working days

After three working days!!!

now just one word can describe my feeling *exhausted*
my legs are damn pain. somemore period suffer ='( pity me
i gonna lost my voice seriously!

肉干妹不好做啊! ='((

i now announce my hp is dead
spoilt ady! my hp accidentally fell down on the floor.
i knew it when i stepped on it. great one!
wtf! i save everything in phone but not in memory card
VERY very the good one.
sorry dear..i will very emo in these few days.
hopefully i will be alright soon :)

don't worry my friends.
i will try to smile and laugh in front of you guys though i'm not in a good mood.

=] this will be my fake smile recently.

us with boss

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