Umm.. Sorry, Do I know you ?
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Saturday, August 29, 2009

ok.i know it's time to update my blog.
what did i do this few days? or weeks?

hang out with my classmates, STUDY STUDY & STUDY..

final exam is coming soon.
no more movie.. sigh

but i dont think we went out for study..

we talked non stop..due to some of my classmates r quite talkative. :D

u know who u are..

they used to remind me i had lost my rm100.. hahaha!! funny them.
at first i quite angry myself why i'm so careless.
but now..i really NO feeling d as they remind me repeatedly.

please turn on my study mode
i found it's so hard to focus my mind to the book.
there are many things in my mind.. TV..SHOPPING..LAPTOP..and so on..

for more post and pictures
visit minyen's blog

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Thursday, August 20, 2009
happy birthday to my dearest BG!

a birthday post again?
redbox again?
yeaa.i life is so bored.heehee
but i must go as today is beegnoh's birthday.
happy birthday to my dearest beegnoh.
she's turning 18years old today.
she's the one who always give us lots of joy.
i love u my bff
hope u can find a white horse prince in ur life.LOL

i,with the birthday gurl. you

pikying and me.

girls in toilet. again?

more pictures updating later

watched coming soon with housemates. & jingjiet.
i can't believe i watched this movie. *slapself*


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Tuesday, August 18, 2009

happy 18th birthday to my classmates( fu sheng and yeefung)
we helped them to celebrate their birthday in seoul garden.

minyen : Oh my god. i'm so fed up with ur pose

the guys.

Girls in toilet.

seoul garden
two of u are legal now.hehehee.

u cried? *impossible*

the chidish boy played with the lighter. :P

kok chun, u act cute again? lol

i,with the birthday boy.

the pairss. secocoknya. xD

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Wednesday, August 12, 2009
a day with housemates

went to AZUMA with housemates
we all hungry like hell as we went there at 3.
luckily the food was nice :) yummy
japanese food.

while waiting for our meal.



before we left

and of course,we did some shopping too.
hee :)

then we watched the tracing shadow. sucks!
please dont waste ur money to watch this movie.
no plot,no ending and even the opening was so lame.
jus one word can use to describe this movie.

on the way back to hostel.

the mask.
to prevent H1N1

and i bought this! joanne too.
cute right.

♥AZUMA again?

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Monday, August 10, 2009
odyssey night

went to orientation odyssey night with friends.
we dressed up ourselves for the prom night.
this seemed to us a boring prom.
but we enjoyed taking photos at there.
we took many pictures and met many friends.teehee*

photos of orientation odyssey night.

shanhui & eve

eve & joanne


with classmates

headed to sri Ananda.supper time!haha!

wendy and i with my bear( pinky,ah bi)

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