Umm.. Sorry, Do I know you ?
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Thursday, December 25, 2008

hello i am again..:)
merry chrismas!! hohoho~

how was ur parties and celebration??
i had a great time. wif my family & cousin.
we went huo guo zi jia and had our dinner..
eat eat eat..thenn i started talking wif my cousin..
i hope nex year i could hav a special x'mas. ^_*

Once again..merry christmas!!

merry christmas

eating ice cream

wif my cousin.


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Wednesday, December 24, 2008
christmas eve

went to gurney.wif my clique. =D
had a great fun at there.
watched chihuahua.the movie looks amazing~ :D
so u guys should catch up wif this movie.

At 6something..
we went to minyen's house bcz her hs gt bbq party.
before the party start..we started talking..about.. *love* swt =.=
then about 7something..her frens reached her house..
continued eating and talking..

nothing much after that.. :)

chihuahua. *CUTE*


wendy and cj gv me. as my birthday present.or xmas present? no idea..=.= hee!
btw thanks.with love, eve..

me n friend

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Tuesday, December 23, 2008
shopping day

today went queensbay at bout 2pm.
then we shop shop til never stop
went there wif the yeoh's family.... <3>

da jie

er jie

er jie & mummy

arrmm.. really tasty..

my favourite.mushroom soup..hee

me me me. so dark... =.=

us... & christmas tree.xD

i'm so funny


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Monday, December 22, 2008
science program

played wif children.
had a lot of fun.
i love them though they were so naughty jus now.

*eve & choonwei*

hello??hong zhan..what r u looking at?

naughty boy. =P ( kai ming)



*yoga* LOL

his eyes so big. CUTE! (hong zhan)


pei xing

chen chen

heyy i remember u all's name d. weeeee* hahahaha!

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Monday, December 8, 2008

now already 1.16am..
i'm so exhausted. =( but still..cannot sleep..
i'm bored.. somebody phone me lah..=P
so..thats why i decided to blog..

everday went out.. i need cash seriously! heee
jus now went qb wif sisters and von..
didn't managed to shop for long
well..jus now i jus window shopping.cuz no more cash.XD
then today went pmal wif mummy and sis.
so i gt money to shop.haa! *wink*
maybe i should go for work? rite.
so who can introduce any work for me? =P
please..... hehee :)

me and yvonne(wen)

she wanted to buy it.hee.


regine and evelyn

my lovely mom. <3>

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Tuesday, December 2, 2008

hello guys.i'm free now..heee :)
say bye to spm.
i'm so excited.XD
hmmm yesterday was so high in redbox..
over excited and now no voice! wth~
so tomorrow cannot out wif hun mei friends d. awww..
wl..i wanna date you next time !

today went queensbay wif family. weeee *a shopping day* XD
my sis says wanna buy shoes for me.
ahhhh~ shop whole day.. all i saw were not the *cup of my tea* whywhywhy???
so sad...still..finding * my shoes* =O

happy holidays to ur guys.

*my shoes* i wann. tel me if you see it. * mwahhaha*

eating in kim gary.

actin god..xD

just smile.

sisters forever.

the end of today.

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