Umm.. Sorry, Do I know you ?
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Tuesday, July 21, 2009
Harry potter and the half blood prince

watched this movie with classmates.
ahhh~it wasnt that good.
wasted rm10.and i think minyen was wasted her rm20 as she watched it twice
it seemed to have no plot at all.
i always wan to see the magic or action,they really needed to put some in.
not as good as the previous wan.
and 1more thing..i'm wondering why harry potter wil love ginny?
why hermione loves ron?why ron loves the gurl who look so disgusting?
it sure was a mistake.hahahaha!
i prefer harry and hermione.perfect match right..
ahahha! good in imagination.:P

Some random pictures.

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Monday, July 20, 2009

A bad presentation?
Today it's my group to do the presentation
the last group
i felt sad as i have no confidence to speak.
but everyone has their first time right.

and this was my first time, yet it was in malay.
kill me..
not because of i hate malay,it's because of i HATE ''HE''
the teacher asked me "berikan contoh"
then i beri the contoh
but this was not the answer he wants.=.=
he supposed to tell me "jelaskan not berikan"ok?

Well,it was over!
nex tm i would have a successful presentation :P

formal wear.the first time.

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Tuesday, July 14, 2009

hey guys,i'm here to update my blog.
its been a long time i didnt say i go redbox right.
hahahaha! today went there with wendy,minyen and shanhui.
enjoyed ourselves at there.

hey My friend,please ask me to go when u're free

at wong kok

went there for dim sum.hehee.

yea we
to tk pic in this fifting room.

i this picture the most

well,then we headed to park royal beach.

the gurls

before played the jet ski


the guys

the end

let the picture do the talking as i'm lazy to type :P

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Sunday, July 12, 2009
farewell for zenpin

Farewell for pin pin !!!
ahhhhhhhhhh! she had already left us
as she wanted to go perlis for her further studies.goodbye pin.
she's going to be a teacher LIM when she comes back.*clap*
i wont forgt those memories we had before..

-still available.=P
-she's a cheerful girl.
-she used to hide her sadness and show us her smiling face.

laoda, u definitely entertained us. hahahaha!

before i go.

the invitation card

i've to wear this chinese traditional cloth. =.=

waiting for pin's arrival

the decoration..

and then she cried.touch right..

the food. steamboat

keep taking photos with them.
long bang is the best.

us.we can take picture anytime,anywhere..hahahaa!


with ah gam soh

went to gurney drive there..many people looked at us.
ahhhhh! kill me please.
this was my first time and also the last time.

just for u pin.

long bang

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