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Saturday, May 30, 2009
random pictures

using the webcam to tk sm pictures..
Am i too bored ?haa!
jus ignore my face..xD

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i'm sorry to everyone as i update my blog so late.
from now i have started my college for 1week.
Not everything going well, but it's not too bad. :)
now i at home already. but jus for 2days. sigh T.T
jus now minyen,shanhui & i joined the music society.
of course wendy too.but i think she was forced by us :D

after my class,my sis fetched me from tj bungah there then we headed to gurney.
we had our lunch at seoul garden.heehee*
aft that..we did some shopping..
bought a make up removal..from the body shop..
and it was free! LOL. as my sis had the voucher .rm150.. $.$

hey why i cant find a nice pencil case??

seoul garden..

at seoul garden..

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Saturday, May 23, 2009
orientation week

today is the last day of orientation.woohoo!
its time to rest!! heehee.. i've been so tired lately..
i thought orientation week suppose to be an informative week?
but i'm wrong..
it was not just sitting in the CA and listen to the lecturer
orientation week is a common activity which senior students play tricked on us...haahaa!!
well..i'm just kidding la..

it's for us to knw each other and have great fun together.
one of the interesting things that happened during our orientation week was that we had shout out the slogan and fight wif sot..heehee!
the mood was so high!!

one of the slogans..i like the most..

sbs a ha a ha..i like it..a ha a ha
sot o a o a..i like it..o a o a..

i wil end up in lost my voice if keep on shouting the slogan..awwww!

in the end,sbs won the overall champion!hooray!!
its worth that we had shout for so loud..
furthermore,we did a good job in the variety show..nice perfomance
and sot students..u all did a great job too!!

it was really fun..which seem to end quickly too..

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Monday, May 18, 2009
happy birthday to wendy

happy birthday to my dearest wendy
may all ur dreams come true.hehee..
we celebrated her 18th birthday at our new house.
chyijiun,minyen,sizen,wenmin,beegnoh came our house around 7something..
bg was definitely entertained us..hahaha!
awww..hope u all can come again!heee..we had a lot of fun on that day.
i'm looking forward to the next time ok...

once again.
happy house mate

hahaha! so cute right..

us..fren forever..

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Monday, May 11, 2009

i watched this movie this few days.
one of my favourite movies..

the storyline was same as the 流行花园.

so what did you think bout this movie?
well i think this movie was nice..
someone said this movie was not as good as the previous(*taiwan*) wan..
i dont agree lo!!

F4...omg..they look handsome..

which one u prefer yea?heeheee*
better than taiwan right.. xD

the most i love is hyun joong 金贤重 (花泽类)

falling in love with you. the leader in ss501..
he not only sings well,but also dances well..

he's so cute right..*adore him*..

his gloomy face..

i his smile

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Saturday, May 9, 2009
we love shopping

today,which is saturday
i went out with minyen..

she picked me at 2 then headed to queensbay.

jus two of us only as she need to buy some stuff
but of course,we did some shopping too. :)

it seems that we love to snap pictures at padini. :D agree?

after that we headed to pmal..
is it for shopping?
its absolutely not. lol..she wanted to buy some material.
but in the end..we did some shopping too? right..haaahaaaa!!!
we didnt managed to shop for so long.

stil,i reached home at 10 heehee* speechless =.=
the main reason is the police was blocking the road
..wesak day what..
so we lost the way.awww..too bad..

but at last..we found the way! give us a big clap :P

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Tuesday, May 5, 2009
happy 21st birthday to my sister

happy 21st birthday to my sister.Jane.
may all ur dreams come true.♥you
we just simply celebrate,had a big meal.
as long as we had celebrate together.right.:)

we bought this shirt as her birthday present*

the cake..*yummy*

our lovely mummy and the birthday gurl

da jie and the birthday gurl

er jie and the birthday gurl

me and the birthday gurl

four of us.
up: evelyn & regine
down:tiffany & jane


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Sunday, May 3, 2009

heyy..i'm here to update my blog.heehee*
well i'm jus wanna upload the photos.haa!

yes..we did some shopping today



sushi..our favourite..

she loves to promote sushi king.hee

her nice picture. :P


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