Umm.. Sorry, Do I know you ?
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Saturday, May 28, 2011
My weekend

Hello ! 
i'm here to wish you all have a great weekend 

i feel boring when it comes to Saturday night thinking about what to do. 

yea it reminded me of the time i spent in CJ's house. i miss girls talk dear
we got the same thought and you know me well. 
wait for my call okay? 

It's hard to find true friends and remain them as true friends.
i found out very few are concern and sincere to be a true friend
So what we have to do is be positive with life. 

You will find someone that will share everything and have the same interest with you

I will share my secret with my true friend 
If i did to you, means i treat you as my true friend and i love you to be my friend. 
but who treats me as her true friend? hmm i don't know. 
i'm not a greedy girl, ONE is enough for me
i want a girlfriend. hehehehehe 
sometimes this gf will be more important than my bf 

and, i don't like to have a fake friendship. refer to some *    

these few days i spent a lot in online shopping 
somemore i have no ppl to sponsor me :( i shouldn't rely on someone else i know
but maybe i used to it ad sighh 

Self control is what i need right now.
all of them look so attracting like asking me to buy them. *slaps self*
can someone stop me from buying and eating? hahah!  i'm officially brokee. damn!

eenee, stop me please! Lol  

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Friday, May 27, 2011
Housemate day and Wendy's 20th birthday

Hello readers! 
Another weekend has finally arived. that's why i got the time to blog.

It's another late post again. please forgive me! teehee

Hang out with my lovely housemate ♥♥Wendy♥♥ Shanhui ♥♥Joanne♥♥ Eggie ♥♥
and we called it as housemate day 
Quite fun and happy spending time with them though we're just hang out for a lil while.

The quality of picture is good right?
Sui bi just got her new camera ~! so we can snap a lot of pictures.

Look yummy right? 
i always love to eat chocolate muffin in kenny rogers 

♥♥My girls ♥♥

Later then, prepared for wendy's birthday
any difference of  my hair? 
yes i know i look matured.but dont care lah!
i'm already 19++ ! Lol ! 

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Saturday, May 14, 2011
The late updates

Hey readers, sorry for the lack of updates.was pretty hectic for the last weeks
i got so much to update,so much to share.hehee  so stay tuned for more updates

Omggg, im still stuck in holidays mood.
The worst part is forcing myself to wake up earlier and drag my ass off to college. sigh! 
i've to work harder and harder... gambateh kudasai everyone.  

Later then, back home to celebrate Mother's day 
Celebrated a warm and hearty mother's day in Azuma 
Love the environment. 
we always prefer japanese food ^^  

The food

we ordered three sets of Salmon teriyaki  thumbs up!! 

and my mom ordered chicken teriyaki 

 Few plates of sushi we ordered

Dessert time! 

My lovely mom 
We always don't express our deep love for mother 
Thanks for everything you have given to me as a mother 
Do u know whats the meaning of F A M I L Y?
Happy Mothers Day!!

Mom, you're the sweetest gift from God to us. thankyou for being there for me

The yeoh family
We miss you dad  

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