Umm.. Sorry, Do I know you ?
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Saturday, April 30, 2011
A short update

Happy Labour Day Everyone. 
I'm free now so ima want to update my blog. 

i got no planning for my holidays..

what a pathetic =(
anyway,i'll try to spend my holidays happily!!! 

Oops it seems like getting worse. i mean my sick :\\

Gahhhh OH-MY-GOD
we're salmon lover tsk tsk tsk. especially benji :D 

 Later then we watched Red riding hood.
hmm the movie was not bad
So you guys should catch up with this movie teehee xD

Hows your weekend ? 
My weekend was pretty good. 
did some shopping at queensbay with my two lovely sisters wheee* 
i nearly fainted in mall due to my sick. :(( 

Well, i seriously dowan my holidays to end so quickly :((
i'm officially brokee now! shit. i want a part time job lah! call me workaholic :P 

tea time at winter warmers 
a lovely place to have afternoon tea over there 

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Tuesday, April 26, 2011
i'm dying

I'm fucking bored and i'm dying


my sorethroat and coughing doesn't seems to listen to me.
Whats wrong with you guys? stay away from me pleaseeeeee.
Do you know how annoying is it?
I coughed for 24 hours non-stop. 
I don't have enough slumber seriously. 
Today, I woke up from the worst nightmare I've ever had AHHHH!  :(((
i can't even sleep well cuz the cough i had is bothering me the whole night
And the throat is killing me. I'm gonna lose my voice hell soon
I never eat medicine because for me it's useless
but now i have to wait my bf buy bitter tea for me. :(( being forced by mom AHHHH! 
i feel so sad

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Sunday, April 24, 2011
Good weekend

hang out with my long bang friends. 
It sure is pretty exciting when i get to hang out with them!
chingying picked me up around 7 and headed to siewhui's house.
i always have a lot of funs when hanging out with them. 
they definitely can cheer me up and entertain me  


 these two pretty girls are totally no image d! evil laughing! 

evelyn chingying yeemin 
love them the most! 

wait where's shanhui??? i miss you. T.T 
girls don't forget our apartment stay and trip yea 
looking forward! 

*hey reader i've deleted my previous chatbox* 
there're too many unknown leaving comments at there
so here's the new chatbox. 
leave a message at there if you're one of my friends 

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Tuesday, April 19, 2011
Zi qi's 20th birthday!

Happy Birthday to my dear Zi Qi 
Hoping your wishes come true year after year. Loves xoxo! 

 Dressed up!  
Redbox at 3pm with Chyijiun Wendy Wei ling and Beegnoh
thanks ah er for being our driver for the whole day ♥  much loves !

Chyijiun my dear dear 

 Headed to Santorini Cafe 
Celebrated ziqi's birthday over there with *hunmei jeffrey and sam *
Actually it's a nice place for gathering or having fun with friends and family :)
Moreover, it do not have any extra charge. the price is NETT 
We were surprised that the waitress even told us got student price after we paid. u purposely oneeee lah auntieeee! ciehhh.

The Food
served with homemade mushroom soup 

The ice lemon tea

i ordered the Bangkok chicken. 

Hereeeee the surprise comes!
awwwwww the cake is super nice lah. 

kitty 们. they all come from the same family 

if you are interested to order this kind of cake. Visit to jenny cake house! hahah

but she costs more expensive than them ! :O RM50! 

ah er and i were trying to promote zq's hello kitty cake 

weiling and i her cake very muchhhhh! Jealous! :\\\\ 
Wishing you the best birthday ever and hope you like the present yea 
i will post more pictures once i get from sam and jeffrey.
stay tuned 

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Monday, April 18, 2011
i need a job

hey readers! i'm heree to blog again ...
i hope u guys had a good weekend  

Have been doing nothing much these days.. Basically , staying at home and rot
When there's nothing to do, you either rot, or get another part *redesigned blog* hopefully this will motivate me to blog often
Well, i rather be in work than rot at home doing nothing
oh yeah tomorrow i'm working at first avenue. thanks to khai ling 
hell, the feeling of working alone is terrible. :\ 
Go find me if you're freee :))

Why does my birthday seem such a long time away? 
i wanted to buy a lot of things if i'm that rich. money money $.$
First, i will get myself a new purse
Second a new watch. 
Third a new bag ;D 

i need a part time job seriously. any job intro? :O 

going out with my babies hunmei

Stay tuned, More updates coming right up

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Friday, April 15, 2011
outing with my besties

hey readers
 Ready to read my blog? :P
i'm gonna squeeze two days in one post
hope you guys don't mind :P 

 hang out with wendy and chyijiun was definitely great and fun 
As usual, we shared our secret  ♥ 

got abit blur :X just ignore it hahah!

Later then headed to cj's house and had a girlsss talk. wheeee*
And you know what? 
i can't believe that we can chat till 2am! 
but it seems like we still got a lot of things to share. :\\\ 
So girls don't forget our date again. 
hopefully the someone won't ppk us again :PP you know who you are!

driving alone in the midnight is sooo scary. somemore under a heavy rain 
the feeling is terrible and i tried. 
hopefully no moreee next time 
Sorry :D  

tsk tsk tsk both of them to drink wineee. BAD GIRL

watched ghost must be crazy with him. 
As u wish, i finally watched this movieee with you. :P me dai sekkk! 
please don't ask me how was the movieee! hahah 
everyone knows the answer!

Out of my expectation, this movie was quite funny yet scary :\\ 
i found out the funny part is when the muthu keep repeating 
*YOU ARE NOT ALLOWED TO COOK IN THE FOREST. If you cook in the forest , when the enemy aircraft fly over , they saw the fire , they will bombard the whole area , you die , i die , everybody die ! *  
Lmao :D 
scary because of their eyes. T.T shanhui may know why teehee XD 

After that, still need to celebrate my cousin's birthday at kfc 
ohmygod. i'm so busyyyy >.<  
by the way happy birthday to my cutie cousin. loves! 

Well, she loves her barbie cake a lot! 

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Saturday, April 2, 2011
Exam life

As semester is near its end, so come the final exams

Having 3 subjects to be taken in this upcoming final exam would be easier life for me. (compare to last sem) 

Hopefully, I can perform much better than the previous semester.

so start working out!! Aza aza fighting! ( learn from korean drama ) hahah!
don't always talk with actionless!! :D i know i know*

i'm gonna play hard after 12th teehee ! woots! 

It feels so great if have chocolate to eat when you're studying

and suhi. my all time favorite! 

Back to study again. 

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