Umm.. Sorry, Do I know you ?
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Saturday, February 27, 2010

Nowadays weather makes me feel so H O T
my sorethroat and coughing doesnt seem to listen to me.
fine then..i really dont care ad.. :)
will eat whatever food i likeeeeeee. :P sorry wendy.

i f-e-e-l so H-O-T

Today i went out with my dear minyen
not for for shopping! we girls jus simply like shopping. :)
we're shopaholic :D
bought 2tshirts and sandals..
actually today i didnt plan to buy seems like CANNOT! haaaaa!
minyen,it's all ur fault! hehehee




went dinner with family.
♥happy family

paise paise.abit blur. :P as we didnt bring camera.

oopss.look like im the shortest?? but actually im the tallest.hiak hiak. :P

minyen,now ur turn to update ur blog. :P

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Friday, February 19, 2010

i think it's time to give it something new. yes my neglected blog..
I really wish i had the time to continually update it.
but,i dont have the time.Yet,i'm so LAZY. sorry readers. :P

Long Bang gathering.

it's been a long time i didn't meet up with u guys.
miss u all alot.
had fun at cenn's house as they will definitely entertain me
they will make me laugh cuz they're freaking smart n full of ideas.

we're wearing cenn's shirt.heeehe

just ignore her ok? hahahahhaha!

sorry cen.i've forgotten to capture ur picture!! :P

Later then we headed to Elvin's house.
Nothing much, we jus had our dinner at there n gambling after that.
ish. i almost lose every round. so i better quit it asap. :D
i've no luck at all!! ish

Primary Sch gathering.

i woke up early in the morning.
went market with my friends as they wanted to eat breakfast together. Zzzz
u know what?i rather use the time to sleep than eat.heehee.
we had pay a visit to teacher lim's house.
T.Eng the pity one.. kena tembak from all of us. hahaha! funny.
back home earlier as i really not feeling well * headache* :((
wondering why im so weak... sigh

Went to s.chuin's house around 9.
started to eat and chat..
some of them really look different compared with last time.
and they grow taller!!!


Sch is gonna reopen soon.
Although i still can talk as usual,but seriously it's hell pain inside my throat.
having flu,cough,sore throat at the same time.. sigh.......

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Tuesday, February 16, 2010
Happy cny and happy valentine's day

Hey guys, HAPPY Chinese New Year and Happy Valentine!!
Gong Xi Fatt Choy!
Steamboat at night on new year eve.

just some of the food.

with my sisters.i'm the youngest. hiak hiak. :P

da jie

er jie

san jie

planned to watch movie with family on the nex day
BUT all the movie for that day r FULL.. sigh!
disappointed.. wanted to watch all's well end's well.
hang out with kc n minyen at that night.
we watched god.pls dont waste ur money to watch this movie.
Yet,it jus used the money to shock urself.haha!
silly me
hmm.anyway.thanks for the surprise.

pay a visit to my relatives's house.

At my grandma's house.
well,just 1word can describe there. HOT!!

the boys..

the girls

us.the big family.the first time. idea from my sis..
picture was purposely taken for grandma. :D

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Friday, February 12, 2010
girls like shopping


did some shopping with sisters as i needa to buy new clothes for cny.
i've bought many clothes but not enough yet. :P
well.. *fully satisfied* d.
shop shop till u never stop. LOL

i bought 1top,1 dress, 1 skinny jeans n pants.. :) great. i've many shirts ad.
so i better stop buying shirts.

high tea in sushi king.


went out with classmates for movie
we watched percy jackson and the lightning thief.
seriously,the movie was nice!!! i did enjoy the movie.
u guys should catch up with this movie ok? lol.
headed to g club after having our dinner in new world park. =]
reached home around 1am n gt scolded by my mum.
because of some reasons. :)

with some of the classmates.

the girl who do not like to take picture. it's like finally i can take pic with u.


my girl minyen needa to shop for more clothes.
went to qb around 1 n start our shopping day.
she couldnt find the clothes she likes. awww.
but i believe that she has alot of new clothes ad.haha
we went home earlier as we got smtg need to do. =]

well.finally i got my hair cut!!
but it does make a slightly difference only. *especially my fringe*

with my gfriends.

Being a good girl at home as i've been hanging out with my friends in 1week.
*busy doing housework :P *
cleaned up the window n house. weeee * finally it is tidy now.
steamboat tonight.
dad is finally home now.:D
anyway,wishing u all have a happy chinese year yea.
will update soon. =]

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