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Friday, November 27, 2009

had a date with my friends.
it was like a hunmei gathering?
but ended up minyen,i,wendy,cj could make it only. =]
went to Qb and shopping with them.

before hang out with my dear.

im being vain..
just ignore me.

cj,its been a long time i didnt hang out with you right? aww..
i miss those time we spent together. =D

took these pics when we're waiting for minyen to test the dresses.:P

met up with pikying.
she couldnt join us as she wanted to PAK THOR with her vince..
tsk tsk tsk.
well,she has made the promise.looking forward to the next date :D

we watched this.

I really enjoyed this movie
idk why some people give it such a bad review
I am guessing it is because they watch this movie with their expectations set too high
am i right? hahha!
I certainly cant wait for the next one to come out.
you know why? Edward was so hot!!!! vampires
omg im such a twilight addict :P

next destination: PSC
It was a drinking party
i went there with minyen,jj,yenchern,franco n zixian around 9.30
honestly,it was quite bored =.=
but we still able to enjoy ourselves at there.
minyen,thanks for the treat yea.

minyen,me,ceci and her friend.

went supper at kapitan with them.

minyen.dont always ask me to update my blog. :P
it's ur turn to update d. LOL

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Monday, November 23, 2009

Add Video

watched 宫心计 in the whole afternoon at home.
i love lying on my bed,covering my blanket and watching movie.
Don't you think it feels good?
My mood was pretty good now as i don't think much yet.
I've been so depressed for many days.
there are so many things to do such as presentation,assignment,outline...and bla bla bla.
College life is just not easy as i thought.sigh >.< At night,ooVoo with minyen,ck and fs
suddenly minyen called me and asked me to join them. lol.
i think most of my friends love last minute plan. =.=
went supper with them and nicole.
reached home around 1. =.=

played wii the whole day at fren's house. =.=
now my muscle so damn pain. >.<
btw really had fun just now.
minyen,when wanna go again huh? hahaha!

francho and jj. they look funny right. heehee*

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Friday, November 20, 2009

Today suppose to be my HOME day
i'm suppose to back home on friday
but due to i had a summary test on saturday morning
so we decided to stay at hostel for 1more night. =]

went to redbox with my housemates after the lecture class
felt so lucky as we got the big room !!
we were so high when singing the party in the U.S.A and 第一天
anyway enjoyed ourselves at there.
i had totally forgotten the thing which made me pek chek.
thanks u guys.
redbox again?when? LOL

after that.we watched christmas carol !
it reminded me x'mas is coming soon!
looking forward to x'mas eve. any plan for christmas? hmmmm..
i was getting bored to celebrate in gp. hahaha!
btw..weiling and wenmin will be back soon. =D
miss them.


in redbox!


dislike flash light.




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Monday, November 16, 2009
surprise birthday party

hey friends!
this should be a long post? hahaha!
my happy 18th birthday.

my housemates n minyen gv me a big suprise.
i went back to hostel as usual..
shanhui: how was yesterday?
eve: i had fun.but the actual date always contain the true meaning right
shanhui : sorry hah..yesterday i couldnt go
me:it's okay la.
shanhui: u MUST 知足u know..
me: i know.. >.<

wendy and joanne went back to hostel around 9 if i was not wrong
yeemin was back at 11smtg.i didnt ask her why because she told us her father couldnt fetch her on monday.
dont worry.i did not doubt and expect u all will give me a surprise.
they didnt ask me how was the celebration and even didnt wish me happy birthday.
i was .. quite disappointed actually
as long as they remember then i will feel very happy d.

Around 11smtg,i chatted with weiling in msn.
she asked me how was the celebration..i said i had fun..
weiling:they didnt give you surprise/present huh? (actually she knew the plan!)
eve: nolahh..pity me.. i jus got the ""eve-tard"" as my birthday present.

after few more minutes..

i dono who suddenly swithed off the light.
i was shocked because i really scared of darkness.
but i still able to take a glance at the clock. it was 12o'clock sharp!
i turned my back to have a look.
ohmygod..i saw my housemates n minyen were standing at outside and ready with the cake.
i dont even know minyen was in my hostel at that time.
they played the birthday song and sang to me.
honestly,it was really warm
i stopped myself not to cry as i still need to tk pic with them. =p
why i dont know you all planned it before!!
it was so touching.. >.<

btw,sorry for late replying the message!! :P

u know what?i dont even have the mood to celebrate my birthday.
but u guys are so amazing.thanks for you all. i really appreciate so much.
i love the surprise and presents... *winks*

5 of u were really good in acting!!!!!!!
anyway,it was very successful

my 3rd birthday cake. tiramisu
did u guys spot the hello kitty on the cake?

happy birthday to eve-tard. =.= i'm not eve-tard! my name is evelyn! :P

thanks for the cake!!so nicee..

this cake was given by pikying. love u gurl..

happy birthday to myself.

with them.

i know cried like silly girl.
i couldnt believe that u all gv me a big suprise.


they all know me well..xD
im a hello kitty BIG fans.. hahahah!
and joanne..thanks for the mask..though it was not hello kitty.
maybe i should put hello kitty sticker on the top of it. :P

once again,
thanks to

minyen-helped me to celebrate my pre-birthday.
-purposely came to my hostel n gv me the surprise.what can i say to u besides thankyou?

wendy-she planned to give me a hello kitty cake but couldnt make it.
-it's ok la my boyfriend! i already satisfied what u all had done. :D mwahs!

shanhui-purposely came back 1day before n stay alone as she don have the transport on sunday.*gan dong*

yeemin- purposely came back and gave me the surprise.never know u all planned it already! don worry my girl.i love the present u all gave me. bcz they were hello kitty stuff! :D

joanne- i saw ur blog.thanks for the wishes and present. ( think a positive way and u will be more happy) u know what im saying right.. mwahs!!!

jingjiet- thankyou.i couldnt believe that u gave me the eve-tard as birthday present though the egg tart was not made by you.( it will be more great if it is handmade) :P

elvin,fusheng,thomas & JJ!- thanks for helped me to celebrate my birthday.i know u all spent so much. really appreciate.

weiling-sent me a video and sang birthday song to me. *touch* it will be more fun if u are here.
thanks for the present though u havent give me yet. *looking forward to it* =]

pikying- gave a cake as my birthday present.thanks! u r so sweet. ( i think vince will jealous) :D

long bang & hun mei- thankss! i really love u all so much. best friend forever.

others- thanks for the wishes. =] appreciate

this is best birthday i ever had.

finally im legal in everything d!! yeeepii!

this is a long yet meaningful post right?
i even cry when i was writing this post. =.= funny right

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Saturday, November 14, 2009
pre-birthday celebration

i had celebrate my pre-birthday with my family and friends
but the actual day always contain the TRUE meaning of it right?

anyway,thanks you all. i really appreciate it very much.

On the way to qb.

went to qb and had my lunch with family.
we ordered so many foods but we still able to finish all.

chocolate cake.
i should have eaten less than what i ate jus now.
seriously,i was so FULL at that time

they even ordered the mango salad.
what the hell.. =(

thanks to my mama,sister(tiffany,regine & jane) cousin(owen,qiqi)

sisters for life. jane couldnt join us as she need to attend class.

with cousin

kiss the strawberry

she's so pretty right. =D

♥ my mom

my 3sisters

the eldest



At night,went to xuan xin for buffet steamboat with friends.
elvin picked me around 8 and reached there at 9smtg.
thanks to minyen,jj,elvin,fs and thomas
you all are the best.hahahha
few of my friends couldnt join us.but it's okay la.

6 of us.







kiss her.mwahss! thanks for everything.

aft that went to g-hotel to find the birthday boy-ck
i know you're legal now. but same to me..few more hours to go only! :P
the next stop:sunset bistro!
don worry my friends,i enjoyed yesterday =]

love her the most.
guys.please dont jealous.heehee

ng jing jiet,thanks!!! i admit im eve-tard.but just for today.=p
you're j-tard forever! hahah

so nice right..*touch*
made by ng jing jiet n his helper ooi min yen.

more pictures will be uploaded soon. be patient.

few more hours to go.

*ling..i know u mean me..sorry for couldn’t recognise your voice :P*
MISS you!

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