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Tuesday, March 30, 2010
kc's first home cook meal

kc, thanks for the dinner. appreciate ^^
this was his first home cook meal. =] he felt so nervous. lol..
the dishes are delicious.but i believe that still can improve right? :P

the preparation

he proudly presented few dishes for us.

kacau kacau =p

taste Good.

the photographer

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Sunday, March 28, 2010
cousin's wedding day

It was a long big day,
and I really can not make my writing as full as what i have really experienced in the reality.

in my previous post,i've mentioned that i will wk up at 7somthing right.
a very good one!i woke up at 8something! LMAO.
such a pig..

as u know,i hate rushing! :(

the morning is more interesting and fun than night!
you know why?
we did enjoyed playing prank on the groom
we prepared 4 types of taste's food for them which included sour sweet bitter peppery
i couldn't stop myself laughing at them.
oh oh.evil me. :P

the groom is a australian if i was not mistaken.
woooahh! i saw many
foreigner! ang mo.
all of them are so tall......... =.=

the groom sang a Chinese song “The moon represents my heart” for the bride which was absolutely stunning.
he even used his ipod to look the han yu pin yin and sang to

Importantly and impressively,he was very serious about what he did.

You can see the passion when he was doing it.

wedding dinner

venue: e&o hotel


I was so exhausted after we got back home at 11:30pm close to midnight.
thanks joanne for waiting me.
the wedding went fine.

Traditionally the bride wears a white wedding gown.
what a wonderful wedding it...

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Saturday, March 27, 2010
buffet dinner

* dress up quickly for the buffet dinner! *

went buffet dinner at my cousin's house.
this buffet dinner was actually for the wedding one.
well,it was the day before the wedding. :)

oh oh,my cousin was soo pretty on that night.
i was wondering what should i call her at that time.cousin or aunt? LOL
she prefers us to call her sister.heee*
the party was not bad but alil bit bored. ^^

so i left earlier..:P met up with shanhui,yeemin,chingying and cenn.
i seriously miss those times we spent together!! you guys.
why girls,or i should say people,like gossip so much?? haha! no one knows that.

i've found that cy's personalities are totally same with mine!!
dear, u know what i'm thinking about!
exactly the same! ehehee.perhaps we're scorpion girls? lol

back home around 1something.ZZzz
i need to wk up at 8am in the next morning. :( exhausted!!
thanks cen for purposely fetch us home.


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Thursday, March 25, 2010

hellooooooooo readers! i'm back! :P

i've been so lazy and busy to blog recently.
will update one by one okayy?no worries.heeehee*
we went jogging in the evening.

It’s been nearly a few months i didn’t go jogging.
i just ran two circles of the playground slowly and steadily.
seriously need to keep fit. ^^
ask me out for jogging! lol

the girl who loves playground much.

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