Umm.. Sorry, Do I know you ?
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Saturday, June 27, 2009
farewell for seow yeen

A simple farewell party for tan seow yeen(ah bird)
she's going to kl for her further studies.
so we had a barbeque in shuchuin's house.
as i said jus now,it was jus a simple wan.
we gathered together and talked.
i think all of them will be very happy cuz nobody will bully them d.xD
well,i'm just kidding la.we will miss your voice and of course your stupid face.

the gurls.

the gurl is going to leave us soon.take care ya.


huiwen.shuchuin's cousin.



group picture1

group picture2.
all of us.

the card they made for her.

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Friday, June 26, 2009
transformers Revenge of the fallen

hey friends,i just got home.
yeah,today my class CANCELED.
so minyen,wendy,wenmin and i went gp to buy some stuff.
wenmin left us around5something.
it seems that she enjoyed shopping alone. hehee*

we bought this cost rm40



the blogger.
we didn't managed to shop for so long as later we want to watch transformer with our classmates.

there're some unknown there..
the feeling was so weird laa!!
though they're quite friendly.hmmmm...

transformers Revenge of the fallen

the story line was not as good as transformers1.
but, stil amazing.
bumble's really cute enough.hahaha!
after the movie,i saw lin yu zhong 林宇中in gurney.for 3times!
OHNO.. they don't believe me at all.
but lastly they saw him too. xD
we dare not to tk picture wif him

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Thursday, June 25, 2009
hunmei's gathering

yesterday was our hunmei's gathering.
surprisingly everyone could attend this gathering!! hehehe..
hard to imagine
even leeming also can make it..woahh..such a miracle..
our lady choong weiling came back from UK.
so we decided to hang out together.
and the other lady cheryl lee going back to US soon.
don worry,we will miss you

hope we stil hav a chance and go out together.
had a great fun.


some pictures.

3 of us

we the effect

we went to gurney to meet each other first.
what for we went there actually? *no idea*
maybe capture some pic or shopping? heehee.*
wenmin bought a dress without using 5minutes.
we were taking pics while she was shopping
i love her attitude. cool..

afterthat zen joined us

then afterward we headed to coffee island to have our dinner.
the food at there was not bad.. :)
we played *the kings game* after we had our dinner.
of course we did many siasui things.hahaha!
we seemed embarrassed by the task.
the first task we need to do was.... *asked hp no from a ppl we didnt know?*
=.= wendy and i were the person who so unlucky.argh..
at last we did this mission impossible.. LOL
wendy! u r such a brave girl..grow up already..*clap*
and she's the most unlucky on that night.haa!! *evil laughing*
she had to ask anyone at coffee island..where is coffee island.. hahahaa!!!
a very good task.heehee.. plus sia sui.

jus see what did they do.hehehee..




some of the task we need to do. heehehee*

the end of the day.

group picture1

group pic2

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Monday, June 15, 2009

now is 12.3oam
wendy is already fall asleep..but i've nothing to do right now.
nex week i stil hav test..
gonna die soon. LOL
but now i'm not in a study mood.what to do?
write a blog?

maybe i should force myself to study as well.

And happy birthday to siewhui.
the refrigerator girl.. you

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Saturday, June 13, 2009
Family day

today i decided to relax and not to wake up so early.
because of the whole week i was really,really exhausted
then in the afternoon i went to QB wif my family.
it's a shopping day for me today! Before we did our shopping,we went to dragon-i to fulfill our stomach.
the food was ok only.not da tasty....
the service charge and tax were above rm20..
but Their service was totally's about rm200 and above we spent at there...
After that..we walked around and finding the stuff we wanted.
oh yesh. i met siewhui at starbucks there.. with her.. friend? or bf? who knows? hahahaa!!
it's been a long time i didnt see you!! miss you..

Then.. we spent a long time in esprit.
i chose a polo t and it cost rm80 to buy it.
but of cz it's not my money.
we got all we needed...
my sis got the member card at there.
because the price was over rm300 already
My mother and I were satisfied with shopping
we started for home with what we bought.

had our dinner at Dragon-i

Finished and full..

regine..the 2nd sis

with jane..the third sis
The scene

eve and jane.


my cousins.

my mummy..with her short hair

silly pose she did

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