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Saturday, October 31, 2009
outing with friends.

please forgive me my dear friends
a week i didnt update my blog? lol.
i'm here to save this rotten blog.dont worry. i still want you.

watched poker king with minyen,shanhui,jingjiet and zi xian.
i louis khoo.
he wass so handsome and humor!
stephy tang was so great in this film too.

comment for this movie.NICE and FUNNY

girls like to take picture in the toilet,agree? :D
evelyn,minyen,shanhuithree of us.

aft that they headed to autocity for the mean machine
i didnt follow them so i went home.

later night, i went out with them again. LOL
minyen fetched me and kok chun and headed to gp.
halloween party at there?
well,we met thomas at there.

ju on!

he scared me!!

i'm still wondering why i dare to tk pic with him.
it has been proved that i'm not that useless yet.
shanhui was the one who dare not to take pic with him.*laughing at her*:P

we went to new world park's starbucks
we shared a lot of things
yeahhh.friends talked! we talked until 1? maybe. i forgot ad. =]

four of us's

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Monday, October 26, 2009
tzu chi activities

just wanna share with you all what did i do on sunday.
i slept at 3am but i woke up at 6am.
sleepy sleepy and sleepy. =.=

did i mention i went to tzu chi camp for 3days and 2nights?
heeehee. i forgot ad.
but that onee is few weeks ago lah.:D

A meaningful sunday

they had organize a 回营日
for tzu chi members
but yeemin and i couldnt go on saturday due to we hav a lot of assignments and homework to do
so we jus go on sunday only.

too bad yeemin and i were not in the same group. >.<

u guys know what is 访视?
LOL it means we went to ppl's house and express sympathy to them.
visit 5houses from 9 until 12smtg.
i felt very sad indeed when i saw the condition of them
my tears are going to drop.
BUT.i told myself i hav to control myself and be stong
the uncle cannot walk and cannot move but still he able to go market early in the morning by his wheelchair.
he has been used the wheelchair for 16years d.
what is the impulse make you can survive until now?
really admire you still can so
we took a lot of pictures with them but cannot upload.
we have to respect their privacy. =]

Last but not least,i wanna thanks to师姑and 师伯

up:wan yu(sister),li ying en,yeemin,evelyn,siew min(sister)

looking forward to the next gathering

evelyn & siew miin(sister)

she was so busy.on the phone with who hah? heehee

mummy gave us this as our christmas present.
cui ling mummy..don u think it was too early to give us??!

in the lift.
cuiling mummy asked us to accompany her eh!
so don be jealous other tzuchi member.. :P


this is 翠玲mummy.
she's so nice!!!!!! good in everything.
thanks for the food and present.
jj,dont jealous. hahaha!!

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Friday, October 23, 2009


in joanne's car
pictures were taken when waiting for minyen.

went to eat lok lok at pulau tikus there.
lok lok is always my favourite. :D

wow.. :D

edited by ooiminyen

evelyn & yeemin

headed to gurney

we watched pandorum! awww!
i'm wondering why they all wanted to watch it.
i think i missed a lot of part as i almost close my eyes or sms when the movie was started. hehe
AS U KNOW,i cannot watch horror movie and scary movie. xD

i screamed! i feel like shit
Did we jus get scolded?idk. wendy said yes.

the girl who sat beside of wendy..

we have paid the price for movie d..

so we can do whatever thing we want to do included scream.
DAMN shit

shopping day!!
today we have no class. yesh!!
went to qb with minyen and wendy
didnt managed to shop for long as we need to go the stupid volleyball practice. >.<

let the pictures tell everything ok? :P


promoting our shoes?? LOL

same shoes? lol.different colour.

i bought this shoes. rm50

forever 21.

on the way back to tarc.
volleyball practice!!!
hate rushing. >.<

the blogger. seems like i go out everyday huh? hehe.

NOO!!!i didnt go out on friday! LOL
i mean after class. heehee.
back to my house and skype with minyen at night.
see! both of us so guai huh? xD *give us a big clap*

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Thursday, October 22, 2009
coffee island.dam

life is getting started to be more and more hectic..full of assignments and presentation.

kinda get used to my life now d.
everyday i needa go to lecture and tutorial class except for thurday.
but thursday we need to go for volleyball practice.

and now i'm going to update what did i do in this weeks IN a post. :D
this is what a lazy person will do. :P

went to the lecture and tutorial class as usual after lecture..
zuki and juliet asked me out for dinner
they came my hostel to fetch me and joanne.
four of us went to pulau tikus there to have our dinner.

we shared our secret in joanne's car after that..

went back to hostel and fetched yeemin.wendy and shanhui for DINNER? again? xD
headed to coffee island

juliet couldnt go with us as she need to back home earlier.

the beverages

what the.. i look so short when standing beside her.

shanhui the *special*onee..

five of us..housemates



not in a good mood today. sad..
had breakfast in mcd with & elvin.
just u guys knw what had happen.
TO *** : i hope i'm not the onee who make you down =]
i unable to control my feelings although i have set my mind not to think about it
we manage to solve it and now nothing d.

it makes us understand each other more after this.
we care about each other and of course i you.
u know who you are though i didnt mention ur namee

after the lecture class,went to teluk bahang's dam with them

funny me.


we believe we can fly. :D

spot the stupid shanhui.

hello kitty: byeeeee

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