Umm.. Sorry, Do I know you ?
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Saturday, January 30, 2010
an experience

it was my first time..
and i hope no more next time. :)
i gt shocked seriously. it was so scary..
as my fren said, today is a good day if without the accident.

ps:Do drive slowly,please..* for ur own good*

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Wednesday, January 27, 2010
happy birthday to my girls.

her birthday: 25 jan.
happy birthday to my dearest pikying!
may this day always be a special one to remember.
wishing you have a great happiness, a joy that never ends
* hope you can find a guy that loves u the most n of cz u love him one.. :D *
too bad i couldnt celebrate ur birthday with u.
but i knew that u had a great birthday,isn't it? :D

her birthday:28 jan
happy birthday to my dearest wei ling!
too bad I can't wish you a happy birthday in person. so i may like to wish u here.
wishing you another wonderful year of happiness and joy.
Hope you have the greatest Birthday ever!
Since you already hav ur " white prince" so i hope 2 of u can stay happily FOREVER!

ur birthday celebration in advance. :D

Once again, happy birthday to 2 of u
stay cute n pretty. ♥ BFF

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Monday, January 25, 2010
bye exam! hi holiday

hey everyone. my final exam is OVER!
dono how to describe my current feeling. *shout out loud*
anyway.thanks michael cha tao for teaching us account. :D
aft that went out with dear minyen n housemates.
we was like '' YESH finally we can go out without any burden n stress''
kc n thomas joined us for the movie too..


we watched case 39. doubt.i watched it. but sorry my friend.
i couldnt open my eyes for watching the whole movie.

comment for this movie.
an awesome movie n creepy too. it really freaked me out.
the little girl is pretty but i really couldnt accept what she did.
damn.she's so annoying..heehee. especially the part she called 'emily, why' 'emily why' repeatedly.

aft the movie we went to somewhere near beach to chill..
ohmygod.i seriously like the sky.. many stars*_*
even though i do not have exam anymore,but i still sleep at 5 as usual.
well,i need some time to change my life.. heehee.

The Next day
woke up at 11.
headed to gurney. :D
yeahh.finally i can go redbox. i miss u redbox. heehee
but 3hours r not enough lah wei. date me go again pls.. :P
kc n thomas left earlier as they gt smtg to do. :)
so four of us went for movie * the spy next door* what a funny movie.
love it. i still prefer comedy than horror movie :DD at least it could mk me laugh.haha!

with my girlssss

short hair.

long hair
*which one u prefer? hahaha!*

BYE exam!!! i'm freeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee now! date me out.

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Friday, January 22, 2010
before exam

im still having my exam..2 more papers to go.. down..
went to sunrise mcd with my bf wendy
it was the first time 2 of us went out together.
ps: we're so sweet like a couple LOL
guess what??
we've studied almost 16hours. from 2pm until the nex day 5am. the half day!
but!! i guess i will fail my it as i couldnt answer the essay ques.damn shit.

though something was happened on that still i enjoyed the day as we had a nice moment before the thing had happened right.


perfect n cacat. :D

of cz we need coffee.

SEE! we still could go gurney drive to hav our dinner.
the food. thumbs up! yummy..

i seriously love this friend.
thanks for being a good listener when i need to talk.
thanks everything. mwahs

i love you.and i think u love me too right.hahaha!
huh? im ur first love ??HAHAHA :P

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Thursday, January 21, 2010
Exam is killing me like hell.

i was tortured with final exam.
EXAM was definitely killing me.
lack of sleep.lack of money... SAD :(

went mcd for how many days? i've forgotten
i hv been there since the final exam was started
As Wendy said, 日做夜...夜做日.. i used to sleep at 5 or 6smtg d.
pls.....i want to back to my normal life.. hahaa!
i've made promise to myself * never go there in 1month, or 2months? *
anyway,strongly SAY NO to mcd

can you see how silly are we?? LOL. this is what we called stress. NOT vain. :P

let the pictures tell everything.
the first day

The other day

her different look. :P

breakfast.lunch.dinner at there? LOL

evelyn said something n made shanhui angry,
* idk why she can gt angry easily* GILA mia.:P

sometimes it's so difficult to talk to her because of her fiery temper. haha!

but still.. i love you this friend.. you cheer up my life. BFF

shanhui says: @#$%%^##@@$%%^&&*%$#@@$$$^%^^##@!@#$$^$!!!@!@$@$#^%$&%

wendy was trying to stop her from saying those #$%@words..
thats why she asked shanhui to look at her. :D
funny man!

focus on wendy. idk what's going on with her. LMAO.

no doubt,we felt stressed out.n we're emo-ing at that time

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Wednesday, January 20, 2010

please cherish what you have now
from now on,appreciate those who around you.
learn to say 'i love u' to ur family and friends.
we do not know what will happen in the next second.
so don't waited until to lose and jus regret.
the heaven will not give us the second chance again.

We are not too late to start appreciate the things we lost.

may six of them rest in peace.

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sending jj off to perth

sending him off at the airport.
Bye JJ and take care.
u make me so guilty on the yesterday :(
have a safe trip yeah, all the best. =D

group picture

ps: dont miss us. hahhahaaaa!! u will miss a lot of fun. woohoo..
hope u can find ur leng lui gf at there.and remember to bring her back in november. :P

im still having my final exam.see..! jj! how good am i?? lol
*i get very screwed up before the exam* damn shit.
i hate to memorize the theories.. wth.. i even slept for 2hours for studying the macro. damn.
the exam is driving me crazy.
okayy.i just wanna express my feeling at here. ignore me as well
btw i really need someone to talk. i need. . after exam okay?my dear..

This week.
coffee island. to release our stress. :D


joanne. the drinker

after that went to mcd to study!! :P


♥my chubby

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