Umm.. Sorry, Do I know you ?
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Saturday, February 21, 2009
my weekend

Life's still pretty much the same.
Sleep, Work, eat, online, watch tv, Pray for weekend to come on mon,tues,wed,thurs, and happier abit on

Today is saturday.Its suppose to be my offday today.
I'm suppose to enjoy my off day.
but i had to wk up early in the morning for work again.
The children make lots patterns from clay.
Oh dear.they were so creative.
but how bout me? Though i tried many times,but i failed,cannot made it well.
urm.. i dont know why.. hahahaha.

ps: i'm not used to being so free. =p
bring me some fun please.hehehee.

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Monday, February 16, 2009
our date

my friends and i sang at redbox jus now..
we had a lot of fun and enjoyed today.
zen came redbox to find us.
but jus for 5minutes..XD what a pity.. nex tm wil date you again
thenn..had a gossip at winter warmers with the two and wendy
we chatted bout *love* hahahhaha!

I LOVE THEM! seriously.. :) three of us..the besties..

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Sunday, February 15, 2009

yesterday i didnt go out as my aunt put aeroplane. =.=
so i had to stay at home and watched movie..
what a bored valentine's day.argggh

today..went to gurney,with sister,vonne, and her friend.
her friend was crazy and funny as me..hahaha!
had our lunch at sushi king..
california temaki!! lol.. i'm loving it.. :P
thenn,watched bride wars.

i anne hathaway as she's so gorgeous.and sexy

bride wars.

using my handphone..

self-love1,2,3,4.. !!XD..

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Wednesday, February 11, 2009
unbelievable news

my uncle passed away on 9feb..
i'm shocked to hear my uncle has passed away.
i cant believe it.the news was not believable at all..
well..the funeral would be held the next day..jus 3days only
a large number of friends and members of tzu chi attended the funeral..
thanks.. 感恩

today we sent my uncle's body to bai yun shan..
we walked to perak road..just a little part of journey..
after that we went there by bus d..
my uncle's body was cremated at bai yun shan..

may my uncle rest peacefully in heaven :)

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Monday, February 9, 2009
new house

Today i went to wendy's new house.
i'm going to rent her hs on may as it's near tarc.
her house is at tanjung bungah there.
i'm looking forward to those days cuz we can stay together..yesh!
finding people to share wif us.
stil got a room yea..hehehee..
who wants?xD

wendy thor
our new house is coming soon.=D

i fell to considering about choosing which room..hahaa!
my sister says the bedroom is much better as i dowan to share room wif other.=.=

master room

i think in the end i wil choose the bedroom


living room

the kitchen

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Monday, February 2, 2009

went gurney jus now,with hunmei friends.
awwww..i think it's been a long time we didnt meet each other.miss u all
i reached there at about 2pm.they said got a suprise.

actually,this suprise i knw d yesterday.

anyway,minyen.. congratulations. =P
both of you were so sweet la js god

we went coffee bean
before the movie start
cjiun brought the playing card to we started to play and fooling around.heee:)
& i jus earn rm2.. =.=

BUT it's much better than wendy thor,right?

watched ''all's well,end's well 2009''

the movie was very nice and amusing.

we were all entertained by the humorous actors.

after cjiun them back,i joined my sis and von..for shopping

i'm looking for a hangbag

as i walked into a store(mng) i saw a hangbag,i like it!!but i have no cash

the beg is red in colour..special right :P

i wil buy the bag one day! hahahaa!please wait me,also the mac products..
so expensive!

nothing much to write d..

the pictures..some in minyen's camera.. :)

playing self-shooting in car.. =.=
on the way to gurney

we're at coffee bean.
wendy thor..are you in a daze?

with friends


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