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Monday, December 28, 2009
a surprise for weiling

went to queensbay after class.
wanted to buy present for her.
♥ anyway,hope u like it.

had our lunch at azuma.u know what?
we went to yataimura at first,but their service sucks.
no one wants to serve us. wth..we waited for so long ad.


the girls

wendy n me. ^^

the cute sizen.

yes.we did a little surprise for our beloved wei ling.
thanks sam for planning the everything :D

most of the *hun mei* could attend this surprise birthday party.besides wm n lm.

but her birthday is on 28jan. so this might be her birthday party in advance!! heehee

happy birthday to you in advance!!
she's turning to 19 d.heehee*
we knew that we can't celebrate with u.

so decided to celebrate one month before ur birthday.winks
so hope u have a great one with us =]

ready in sam's room! waiting for our wei ling to come

hello kitty's cake!!



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Sunday, December 27, 2009
family day

how was my allergy?
hey friends,i'm fine.don't worry bout me.
yesterday i ate porridge for the whole day

my mum even asked me go hospital for injection.
no way! say no to injection.
i rather eat medicine for the following days.
well,luckily today i feel much better d.thanks god.
thats why my mom allowed me to go qb with them. ^^weeee
i shopping with them.
oopss.what i've bought? 1dress and 1top. =.=
heyy..i the dresses from kitschen.. :D
see.i've spent too seriously broke d.
shopaholic is a disease. sigh.

they ordered the same set.

i ordered


the blogger. i know im vain. ignore me ok. lol!

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Thursday, December 24, 2009
christmas eve

Merry christmas to Everyone!!
May this Christmas be bright and cheerful

Wish my friends,family and my loved ones have a great christmas Eve in this year :D
what did i do on christmas eve??

well,i went to apartment stay with my classmates

we played
some games n dare.
it was a police and thief game.dono what should it called. :P
the dare was so... terrible? hahaha!! but fun.

after that, we walked to gurney to countdown with hundred peoples!
it was so crowded,,aww..make me feel so hot and pointless.
las two year was more fun..oopss..started to miss that time already.. >.<

at night,we played game again.
awwww! the loser of the game MUST drink the heineken which served by fs.
Was i drunk?
tracking my memory how i ended up getting a allergy
did i drink too much d? heehee.yes. my friend said they tried to stop me but failed.
HEY!! how i know what will i do after i gt drunk?
i always think when i get drunk,i might even do stupid thing or talk rubbish. but only when i'm drunk
so i'm just not feeling well. not drunk. =P
at first i tried to puke up but nothing came up.
felt so happy i could make me feel better after puke up with something
im wondering how was i gt pass that night.
the next morning was so..pathetic..

i couldnt stop myself from scratching an itch.
i was like wth?allergic to alcohol again?? :(

thanks to my friends who willing to tk care of me n care about me.
i know i shouldnt drink that much.but it was too late to say that right.
well.. i will control myself and not to drink alcohol anymore.

hmmm..CAN drink BUT not that much.
ps i not really like to drink alcoholic beverages,so dont worry yeah.

Add Image

ok.this is so OMG. i wonder he will kill me or not if he sees this. :P

MERRY christmas!!
and now plan for new year eve. to celebrate?? sigh

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