Umm.. Sorry, Do I know you ?
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Wednesday, November 17, 2010
the most memorable birthday ever!


I'm here to update my blog! 
Sorry for the late post as i just received the pictures from friends :D 
actually i'm so lazy to update my blog !
but i MUST update as fast as i can because i might forget any important part on that important yet memorable day

it was probably the most memorable birthday ever
i also like my last year's birthday
big thanksss to everyone who planned for my birthday
thankss my housemates.but! u guys really made me down on that day! sigh* especially WENDY THOR! XD
*and also thanks everyone who helped me to celebrate my birthday! i did appreciate much

preparing and waiting for me.teehee XD

 xiao xiao bi and sui bi 
hmmmmm both of you are good actress.good job XD

 the video. 
of course i'm not going to share with you all ! hehe. u know why? 
many people will kill me i think.first is wendy second is shanhui :D both of you are so classic and funny 
LMAO! but did u guys know i cry when watching both of you's part? touching!
hubby's part too! i really dont know how many times i've watched it.haha! 
i know quite sampat right? ignore me please! :P

 i love my hello kitty cake!


 girls * oops no way! im the shortest? haha.impossible wey*


 YES i got you! my hello kitty bed set! woohooo!  *flying to the sky*

 the necklace !thanks minyen! love it

present from sisters

they helped me to celebrate my birthday on sunday
thanks mom and sis for the surprise, present and cake!

 my tiramisu birthday cake! awwww! i love tiramisu!

i love my family the most! mwahsss!

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Tuesday, November 9, 2010

yes i found a way to express my feelings right now! 
that is B.L.O.G
suddenly feel like want to update my blog
i actually have thousand words to say! 
but then do you know it's so hard to describe those feelings in words?

alright, gonna share something with you all 

i supposed to work for three days in pisa (home dec)
but i skipped the first day! 
gosh, do u guys know why? 
i nearly fainted over there! 
* the feeling was so terrible. *
blurred vision and ears cannot hear.
this is what i experienced it. 
thanks god,im fine after take a short rest.i hate being so weak
btw, thanks shanhui and those who really care bout me. :) appreciate. 
 so guys, please take care of urself.

Recenly i'm not in a good mood.
i actually scared and hate this kind of feeling.
gahhhhhhhhhhhh! FML ! 
i seriously need to go for a trip.
it's already 12.36am.what for i'm still being so emo ? i better go to sleep now.

btw, just ignore me.i'm being emo. :) thanks 
Friends, our distance is farther and farther away 
can we have a girls talk and sleep together? i miss those time!

*click X if you dislike this post. * 

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