Umm.. Sorry, Do I know you ?
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Monday, November 16, 2009
surprise birthday party

hey friends!
this should be a long post? hahaha!
my happy 18th birthday.

my housemates n minyen gv me a big suprise.
i went back to hostel as usual..
shanhui: how was yesterday?
eve: i had fun.but the actual date always contain the true meaning right
shanhui : sorry hah..yesterday i couldnt go
me:it's okay la.
shanhui: u MUST 知足u know..
me: i know.. >.<

wendy and joanne went back to hostel around 9 if i was not wrong
yeemin was back at 11smtg.i didnt ask her why because she told us her father couldnt fetch her on monday.
dont worry.i did not doubt and expect u all will give me a surprise.
they didnt ask me how was the celebration and even didnt wish me happy birthday.
i was .. quite disappointed actually
as long as they remember then i will feel very happy d.

Around 11smtg,i chatted with weiling in msn.
she asked me how was the celebration..i said i had fun..
weiling:they didnt give you surprise/present huh? (actually she knew the plan!)
eve: nolahh..pity me.. i jus got the ""eve-tard"" as my birthday present.

after few more minutes..

i dono who suddenly swithed off the light.
i was shocked because i really scared of darkness.
but i still able to take a glance at the clock. it was 12o'clock sharp!
i turned my back to have a look.
ohmygod..i saw my housemates n minyen were standing at outside and ready with the cake.
i dont even know minyen was in my hostel at that time.
they played the birthday song and sang to me.
honestly,it was really warm
i stopped myself not to cry as i still need to tk pic with them. =p
why i dont know you all planned it before!!
it was so touching.. >.<

btw,sorry for late replying the message!! :P

u know what?i dont even have the mood to celebrate my birthday.
but u guys are so amazing.thanks for you all. i really appreciate so much.
i love the surprise and presents... *winks*

5 of u were really good in acting!!!!!!!
anyway,it was very successful

my 3rd birthday cake. tiramisu
did u guys spot the hello kitty on the cake?

happy birthday to eve-tard. =.= i'm not eve-tard! my name is evelyn! :P

thanks for the cake!!so nicee..

this cake was given by pikying. love u gurl..

happy birthday to myself.

with them.

i know cried like silly girl.
i couldnt believe that u all gv me a big suprise.


they all know me well..xD
im a hello kitty BIG fans.. hahahah!
and joanne..thanks for the mask..though it was not hello kitty.
maybe i should put hello kitty sticker on the top of it. :P

once again,
thanks to

minyen-helped me to celebrate my pre-birthday.
-purposely came to my hostel n gv me the surprise.what can i say to u besides thankyou?

wendy-she planned to give me a hello kitty cake but couldnt make it.
-it's ok la my boyfriend! i already satisfied what u all had done. :D mwahs!

shanhui-purposely came back 1day before n stay alone as she don have the transport on sunday.*gan dong*

yeemin- purposely came back and gave me the surprise.never know u all planned it already! don worry my girl.i love the present u all gave me. bcz they were hello kitty stuff! :D

joanne- i saw ur blog.thanks for the wishes and present. ( think a positive way and u will be more happy) u know what im saying right.. mwahs!!!

jingjiet- thankyou.i couldnt believe that u gave me the eve-tard as birthday present though the egg tart was not made by you.( it will be more great if it is handmade) :P

elvin,fusheng,thomas & JJ!- thanks for helped me to celebrate my birthday.i know u all spent so much. really appreciate.

weiling-sent me a video and sang birthday song to me. *touch* it will be more fun if u are here.
thanks for the present though u havent give me yet. *looking forward to it* =]

pikying- gave a cake as my birthday present.thanks! u r so sweet. ( i think vince will jealous) :D

long bang & hun mei- thankss! i really love u all so much. best friend forever.

others- thanks for the wishes. =] appreciate

this is best birthday i ever had.

finally im legal in everything d!! yeeepii!

this is a long yet meaningful post right?
i even cry when i was writing this post. =.= funny right

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